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York, PA

Recently I helped my niece to set up and install her sauna. She won this sauna in a contest that was held at the York fair in York, Pennsylvania. I noticed that included was a document asking for some testimony concerning your product. Since we set up the sauna I have had the opportunity to use the sauna as much as I would like to. I have a couple of comments concerning your product that I think you would be happy to hear. 

Let me start off by saying that I am 51 years of age, male, with various health issues including bulging discs,fibromanalgia,active pain hotspots throughout my back, degenerative knees, and a lot pain. After using the sauna a few times. I almost immediately started to feel better. The heat is incredible for my back issues and my neck. I find that each time I use the sauna. I just feel better and better and better. I also have a hot tub that is used specifically for therapy. The combination of the sauna and the hot tub is an incredible experience. I feel blessed to be able to use this. My niece whose name is A. McCoy is young and yet to be riddled with health issues. I thought my testimony would be of greater value considering how many people with similar health issues could be helped by using a product like this. It is certainly not the cure but it absolutely makes life with these issues much more bearable. After a session, I just feel loose and flexible. I wish insurance companies would see and understand the benefits available by owning one of your products. With all the money spent on scans, x-rays, doctors visits, therapy sessions, and medications they would be better off spending the money on something that would eliminate many of these expensive medical necessities. 

Concerning packaging, set up, installation I have the following comments. I found the overall set up to be so easy that if I had to set another one up even by myself I could do so in under 30 min. The setup just made sense. I found nothing to be unreasonable, nothing to be hard to understand and if anything it was just logical. When I first unpacked the boxes I was kind of intimidated but after looking at the documentation for a few minutes we were able to start and finish the installation in about one hour. Anyone with even the slightest mechanical inclination can put this together. I found the quality of the manufacturing to be excellent. I found that all parts were easy to align and easy to understand. I wonder how many folks fail to understand how easy it is to build this unit? Whoever designed this unit really did a nice job. I found that everything was nicely sanded, no splinters, no cuts or bruises. In my life I have put together many kit type items. Your sauna is probably the easiest item that I have ever built. I think it is important that your potential users hear stories from regular folks like me. Your product is awesome, beneficial to health issues and overall really nice. I wish it were my mine! Should the need ever arise when I cannot use my nieces unit it will be time to call and buy my own.

J&S Borst
Tuscon, AZ

 As we discussed, just like you promised, we truly enjoy our new sauna. It's very relaxing, penetrating heat has helped my husband's back pain. 


P. Culp

 I really love having my own sauna. I often use my sauna at night. The delivery from TCS was great and the driver was very clean with picking up the trash. I use my sauna for back pain. I notice change in my back pain right away. I know longer have to take meds. I had a sauna from Sauna Bob's and lost it to a fire. So once we rebuilt I immediately ordered another one. 


J. Peebles

 I use my sauna everyday. The delivery was great. I use my sauna for my heart problems. If I can grade TCS overall I would give them a ‘B’. 


T. Blanchard

 I love my sauna. I often use it 3 to 4 times a week. The delivery men were smooth and efficient and did a great job. By me having a sauna I feel more relaxed, healthier, and better all around. The product and delivery were excellent. I would definitely recommend to a friend. They have great salesman too. 


B. Champagne

 My husband and I love our sauna. We use it 2-3 times a week. The delivery was prefect. I bought it for weight loss. I have loss weight and my skin is looking a lot better. We have had an excellent experience with TCS and there product. 


Bend, OR

 The saunas are very nice. I use it every other day. I got it for back pain and it does the job. 



 I really like my sauna. I use my sauna once a day. The delivery was very smooth. I got the sauna for my back pain and it really helps the pain. I feel much better now 


J. Ramusack

 My wife really enjoys having a sauna and I’ve used it as well. We use it at least once a week. The delivery went great. So far everything has been great. 


L. Doody

 We love our sauna. We use it 2-4 times every week. The drivers were very informative and efficient. I always feel so much better after using the sauna. From the time we bought the sauna from Sauna Bob's the salesman was GREAT! We are completely satisfied and would refer anyone that is interested in a sauna to TCS. Thank You so much!!!! 


M. Stewart

 The sauna is really great. I use it almost everyday. They were nice on delivery. I bought for my degenerative osteoarthritis. I now sleep better and I am more relaxed now. 



 I was very impressed with the sauna. Right now I am only using it once a week. The delivery was awesome. The delivery guys were very professional and went out their way to make sure we were satisfied. I am now more relaxed. Amazing product absolutely love it. 


C. Cardona

 I love my sauna. I often use it 3 to 4 times a week. The delivery men were smooth and efficient and did a great job. By me having a sauna I feel more relaxed, healthier, and better all around. The product and delivery were excellent. I would definitely recommend to a friend. They have great salesman too. My sauna is amazing. I often use it 3 times a week. My expectations were fulfilled on the delivery. Since I’ve got the sauna my skin has been glowing. I am very happy with this purchase. 



 The sauna was awesome. I use it 5 times in a week. I purchased it for back and joint pain. It has improved a lot. Thank You for everything 


P. Dittman

 I really am happy that I bought a sauna. I love it. I use it 5-6 times a week. Good delivery and great drivers. I got the sauna for my Firomyaligia. It feels much better. 


R. McKinney

 I love it when I find the time to use it. My use 2times week in cooler months. 3-4 times other months. Use for joint and back pain. I now feel much better . 


M. Baker

 I like my sauna a lot. I use it 3-4 times a week. Delivery was great they even put the boxes in the basement or me. They were even a little early. I got it for my arthritis and I now feel great. Everything went planned and I enjoy having the sauna very much. 


K. Nagel

 I enjoy my sauna very much. I do use it 2 times a week. I got it for my achinez. It really seems to help. No problems and on time. 


S. Oasaeer

 My sauna is nice. I use it more in the cooler months. I got it for my Fibromyalgia. Thank you so much! 


J. Hughes

 Me and my wife love our saunas. We use it 3-4 times a week. It helps with my arthritis. I feel better but miss it when not able to use. We are very pleased. We are very happy now. 



 Received the towels and the book a few days ago. Thanks!! Am enjoying the sauna. Have a small TV sitting out the door with the speakers hooked up to the radio inside. Very enjoyable watching a DVD or sports in the sauna while I relax. Thanks



 I spent two hours this past weekend putting together my two-person sauna, and must say that I am delighted with the quality of the unit. The ease with which it fit together and the finished product. I have had occasion to use it 3x and am very pleased with its performance and appearance. It remains to be seen if my appearance will improve to justify its use but if not that is not that of the sauna. I look forward to many hours of relaxation and enjoyment. 


Pittsburg, PA

 It's been seven weeks since we purchased our sauna at the Home Remodeling Expo in Pittsburg We Love It!!!!! My husband and I go in it three to four times a week. We wish we could get in it everyday, but are too busy for that. Since January 3rd, I've lost 11 pounds. I've been watching my carbs and using the sauna regularly. I feel great! We had friends over for a hot tub/sauna party. Our one friend just turned 40 and said he felt 20 years old again. His aches and pains just vanished. I keep feeling and looking at my skin as well. It feels smoother and softer, younger looking. My friends are teasing me. They told me everyone is going to think I dumped my husband for a young skinny chick. I hope that is what they do think! 


Wake Forest, NC

 We Love our Sauna!!Gary uses it almost every day. We look forward to having it permamently installed in our bathroom. It was easy to assemble. Even old folks like us can do it. We appreciated the help Arch gave us when we purchased our sauna. It was great working with him. Please give him our regards. Again, we really enjoy our sauna and would recommend TCS to anyone interested in purchasing a sauna 


Prescott, AZ

 I purchased an infrared Sauna from TCS in the early spring 2010 Being in the wellness industry and knowing the science promoting the health benefits of the infrared, I was pleased to find the Sauna Bob's booth. Since owning my Sauna, it has been handy for use in my home and also with a recent bronchial cold, it has hastened my recovery. I appreciated Patrick's professional and courteous attitude when delivering and setting up my sauna. He was skilled and very helpful in explaining the use and startup instructions. Thankyou TCS for a great, well-made sauna and for the attention to detail. 


GK Rivera

 My wife and I are truly enjoying our recently purchased Infrared Sauna from TCS. The Sauna was very easy to setup and has performed just as promised. The Company's Service/Support came through very promptly with no questions asked when a problem arised. We emphatically recommend Sauna Bob's to anyone looking for a great sauna experience! 


TC Jackson

  Hi how's business going? We are sure fast and furious as you have a very good product. You also take such care with your customers and make them feel so comfortable. Your advice on how to use the sauna was very helpful. Even though you told us how easy the system was to setup we were still very surprised. For you to stay and help with the setup was over the Top! You gave yourself 120% in our opinion. To show our gratitude we tried to tip you for your help and extra work, but you would have none of it. You really showed us your professionalism as a business owner and character as a person which is rare these days. We have used the sauna numerous times and found it to do as you described. We Love It!!! 


SB Zeiner
Davenport, IA

 Total Comfort Saunas- The sauna is wonderful!! I really didn't think we would be using it that much in the warmer months of the year, I was wrong. It gets the blood moving and makes us feel better the whole day. We have a spa and we like it a lot but in the cold months we don't use it as often. We will now drain it during those months and use our new sauna instead. We had it together in about an hour and used it the first chance we had. We can feel the difference between days when we use it and the days we don't. I would recommend a sauna to anyone that is thinking of getting one. The ionizer works great too. It smells brand new each time we use it. Thankyou so much for explaining all the benefits of the sauna and being so helpful with all of our questions.